Macadamia bowel obstruction!

KazMeet Kaz the German Short Hair Pointer.  Kaz is just seven months old and like most puppy’s he likes to explore and investigate.

He presented yesterday at the clinic feeling unwell and during a health check and examination with Dr Caity, she felt a round hard object of about 3cm, in his bowel.  Following discussion with Kaz’s owners, they confirmed that their back yard is the home of a Macadamia tree.

Dr Caity operated on Kaz yesterday and found a 3cm Macadamia nut lodged firmly in Kaz’s bowel creating a complete bowel obstruction. Today, Kaz is progressing well and has eaten a few small meals but we’ll be observing him in hospital for another night and checking regularly to make sure that those small meals reappear at the appropriate end.

It wont be long before this puppy is back on his feet and probably getting into more mischief.

Kaz bowel obstruction        Kaz nut