Meeting the rehabilitation needs of your pet


Hydrotherapy has long been recognised as beneficial for human conditioning and rehabilitation. The same benefits are available to dogs whether they are young, old, in competition, need rehabilitation after surgery or just need a relaxing form of exercise in an underwater treadmill system built just for dogs.

Water offers the natural properties of buoyancy and resistance. The underwater treadmill takes the stress off limbs and painful joints, allowing the dog to exercise normally. Swimming alone cannot achieve this effectively as dogs tend to swim with their legs tucked under their body and don’t extend their legs such as they do while walking. The water temperature is controlled and especially warmed to therapeutic levels to aid in managing arthritis and helping in building up fitness levels, whilst strengthening joints and muscles. Speed is also individualised in the treatment program.

 Benefits of hydrotherapy for Dogs:

  • Water buoyancy reduces gravity, diminishing concussive forces
  • Allows early intervention and quicker recovery times for animals, especially after hip, knee and back surgeries
  • Water provides resistance throughout the range of motion, enabling dogs with stiff joints to lengthen their stride and increase the benefits of exercise while minimising pain
  • Warm water assists in pain reduction and increases blood flow that aids in nerve and muscle growth
  • Older animals can exercise effectively in the dog treadmills and build up muscles and fitness levels
  • Water height is regulated to accommodate different sized animals and adjust for weight bearing

Meet the rehabilitation team Treadmill Therapists
Carrie-Anne Burt

Senior Veterinary Nurse Enrolled & Advanced Certificates in Veterinary Nursing, Extended Certificate in Dentistry and Surgery.
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Nadine Ballantine

Diploma of Veterinary Nursing and Diploma of Animal Technology.
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Using the facility

To commence hydrotherapy, your dog needs a health check with one of our vets or if you are being referred, by your own vet.

It is important to us that your dog is comfortable and happy during their therapy sessions so one of our therapists is often in the tank with the dog during the first few sessions.  As they become more familiar and comfortable with the therapy they are often able to wade by themselves with the therapist just holding a lead in front of them.

If you are interested and think your dog could benefit from this, please ring us and talk to one of our members of the rehabilitation team.