Spring time Ear Infections in Dogs

Spring time ear infections are very common in dogs and those cute floppy eared pets are much more susceptible than those with upright ears. Unlike humans, the ear canal of a dog is almost vertical making it easy to retain moisture and debris.
Common causes of ear infection are bacteria or yeast however excessive hair, ear mites, wax, moisture, foreign bodies and allergies can be contributing factors.
Diagnosing an ear infection is often easy as most dogs exhibit symptoms such as excessively shaking their head, tilting of their head, ear scratching, rubbing their head on the carpet or furniture, unpleasant odour from their ears, discharge or crusting and scabs in their ears, swelling, redness and hair loss around their ears.
Spring time ear infections are painful and distressing for your pet and can cause great harm to the ear canal and ear drum if left untreated. Your Veterinarian will be able to identify the most appropriate treatment which usually involves ear drops, ear cleaning and sometimes oral antibiotics which you can administer at home.
It is good to get into the habit of regularly checking your dog’s ears for any abnormalities such as discharge, redness and odour. Their external ear can be cleaned with a soft cloth however it is not recommended that you poke anything into their ears in an attempt to clean. This is best left to your Veterinarian.
Following a swim or a bath it is extremely important that your dog’s ears are thoroughly dried. Water can pool in the base of the ear canal which is almost guaranteed to create problems for your dog. Add excessive hair growing in the external ear canal, a floppy ear over the top to keep the area warm and trap moisture and this is a fabulous place for bugs to thrive.